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    Knee-type Milling Machine
    CNC Milling Machine
    Drilling Milling Machine
    Vertical Drilling Machine
    Radial milling machine
    Air Hammer
        Nantong No.5 machine tool works seated at the side of the old Tongyang River and in the south of No.328 countries way. Our main products are ZX20, 30,40,40H, 45, ZX7045 series of drilling and milling machine; VM60,DM45-NC cnc drilling and milling machine; X5035vertical knee type milling machine; X6135 universal knee type milling machine; Z5030, 5035 vertical drilling machine; C41-25 , 40,75Kg Air Hammer. We have the powerful technical force

    Vertical Knee-type milling machine X5035

    Universal Knee-type milling machine X6135

    Universal Rotary Head Milling Machine X6235

    Universal Rotary Head Milling Machine X6235B

    CNC milling machine VM60

    CNC milling machine VM80

    CNC milling machine ZXK-45

    CNC milling machine ZXK-45

    Drilling and Milling Machine ZX7045

    Drilling and Milling Machine ZX40H

    Drilling and Milling Machine ZX40HS

    Vertical drilling machine Z25
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